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Tom & Ethel Bradley Foundation


The Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation

The Tom & Ethel Bradley Foundation was created to continue Mayor Tom Bradley’s quest for social justice and civic harmony that characterized his more than 20-year service to Los Angeles. Dr. Lewis King, professor of Human Behavior and Psychiatry at UCLA and a resident scholar of the Bradley Foundation has maintained a two-year presence at Crenshaw High School, helping the school and community stakeholders assume responsibility for the sustained and informed efforts necessary to transform the beleaguered schools in their community. Dr. King has a long and distinguished career in bridging academia and community-based efforts to bring solutions to social and socio-economic issues.

The Ethel and Tom Bradley Foundation brings to this work a combination of scholarship and a record of civic engagement. It has already established a relationship of trust within the school and community that is helping stakeholders unify around educating the community’s youth. Mr. Gregory Franks, a longtime community and political activist for the bringing resources sorely lacking in communities, has joined Dr. King in this work under the banner of the Ethel and Tom Bradley Foundation.